Did you know about Ionizing radiation and Non-ionizing radiation?

Knowing what type of radiation we encounter in our daily lives plays a big part into being mindful of what goes on around us in our life. “It’s not only about what we put into our mouths that count.” When talking about becoming more healthier physically and mentally we cannot only talk about what we… Continue reading Did you know about Ionizing radiation and Non-ionizing radiation?

What caused my headache?

With so much stuff happening in our daily lives, why wouldn’t a headache be one more thing addd to the list. What I ate today? My food consumption could’ve been better I will admit that, but is it my fault? Well my friend, even though their are fast food restaurants or 711’s with some really… Continue reading What caused my headache?

Caster oil

Castor Oil is a vegetable oil pressed from Caster bean… Caster oil is said to be the most penetrative oil, Because of that, It’s really good at breaking down lumps, bumps, kidney stones and bone spurs. HOMEOPATHIC INFORMATION:Castor oil has been used orally to relieve constipation or to evacuate the bowel before intestinal surgery.Castor oil… Continue reading Caster oil

The “ART” Test

The “ART”, Autonomic Response Testing, is a thorough diagnostic evaluation of the body’s response to substances like medications, nutrients, toxins and any disease-producing agent like a virus or bacteria. ART brings together principles from traditional Chinese medicine, methods of learning to control one’s bodily functions and modern physics to provide clear information about someone’s health… Continue reading The “ART” Test